‘The Buzz” is a social media blog of the Vancouver Learning Network (VLN). VLN is the largest virtual school in British Columbia, with thousands of students taking courses as part of their high school graduation requirements. Our physical school is situated in the East Wing of John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver.

Social media is everywhere and the tools are very powerful. The purpose of this blog is to explore the following themes:

  • Using social media safely, to protect privacy and your future
  • Using social media to learn self-regulation and smart decision-making
  • Using social media to build personal networks – for learning, for interests, or for FUN!
  • Using social media to build communication networks with peers, teachers and other people of expertise –from local to global connections

As social media is pretty new in education, this can be a place to discover and discuss all aspects about it. This blog will provide an opportunity to develop a better understanding of social media and how it is shaping our lives and our world. We invite you to participate with us in learning about all what it can do!

Looking to become invloved with us?  Perhaps guest blogging?  Or just contribute to the collection of resources we have?  Contact us:

Aaron Mueller – @amueller (twitter), VLN A Mueller (Facebook), amueller@vsb.bc.ca (email)

Karla Castro – @vlnenglish (twitter), VLN K Castro (Facebook), kcastro@vsb.bc.ca (email)

Cindy Gauthier – @elightkeeper (twitter), cgauthier@vsb.bc.ca (email)


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