Social Media Sites!


If you don’t know facebook, what rock have you been hiding under?  Probably the most well-known social media site.  Find friends, family, colleagues, and others on this network.

Twitter –

A great place to find and follow like minded people.  Not neccesarily ‘friends’ but peers, colleagues, leaders, and others.  Not as robust a network as facebook, but very useful for educators and professional development.

Youtube –

A wonderful tool to share, publish and distribute your lessons, video blogs, short clips.  Comments and channels help you connect with others.

Flikr – 

A Photo-sharing and connecting social media site.  Useful for publishing and sharing photos into a stream. –

Community driven website to share and distribute news and other websites. –

Collaborativelly collect, organize, tag and share lists of links to other sites.

WordPress –

Blog your ideas/writing with others, forming social networks of similiar blogging.

Blogger –

Same type of blogging service.



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Social Media Power

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EC&I 831: Social Media & Open Education

Twitter for Teachers!

Facebook for Parents!


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