TIPS & TRICKS when using Social Media!

There can be some easy mistakes and silly things happen when you first start exploring and using these social media sites! Here are our top 5 tips for staying safe and having fun!

TIP #1

Don’t “keep me logged in”!  Its super important to login properly, not leaving yourself logged in all the time.  It’s also important to “log-out” when you are done, as that prevents the next person who uses the same computer from taking over your account!  You may think your saving yourself a few clicks and typing in your name, but you are giving up a ton of security and peace of mind.

TIP #2

Only publish information you would happy to have on your front door!  When you publish a status update, or a link, video, or photo, it is going to find its way all over the internet, even if you have your security setup tightly.  Assume that anything you post could go anywhere on the internet.  If you would be comfortable having this piece of information on your front door of your house for your family, friends and neighbours to see, then its ok!  If you are not comfortable, then don’t post it!

TIP #3

Use an Alias!  AKA pseudonym, or a different name for your social media presence. It can be a play on your real name, or an old nickname, or something that only your friends and family would know.  That way, when someone searches for the real you, under your real name, they won’t find anything on any of the social media sites.  This is a great way to still use these tools, without having an impact on your personal life.

Tip #4

Don’t be everyone’s friends!  If you don’t know them personally, then there really is no need to be friends on facebook.  Social media is not a popularity contest to see who has the most friends, or followers.  Its about developing strong, robust and real social networks that you can trust and rely on.  Keep your social internet presence to those that you know, and have some sort of connection with when you are off the internet.

Tip #5

Role-model good use of social media to your peers, friends, family, co-workers and colleagues.  Show them how to use these tools in a safe, responsible manner.  Teach them how to lock down their information and teach them about whats appropriate to post and whats not.  We can use these new tools to collectively come up with safe and respectful ways to use them.


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  1. Great tips thanks

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