Who does “Google” think you are?

We have all been warned that our Social Media profiles and online activities through sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus keep track of where we go, what we look at, what we click on, and who we interact with, but its easy to dismiss this “profiling” when it is not very apparent or visible.  Ever wondered why that advertising on your Google search was targeted at exactly the things you like and buy?

Have you ever wondered what kind of “profile” google has created about you?  Well you can  see your advertising “Catagories” and your assumed “Demographics” by clicking on this link:


Its a very insightful experience to say the least.  Now, in order to deconstruct what these “Categories” and “Demographics” are saying, let me share my “profile” for you to see:

Click on image to “embiggen”

As you can see from this image, Google has correctly identified me as a “Male” and although I won’t turn 35 until later this year, they were pretty close to my current age.  Google definitely figured out exactly where I live in the world, and is thus able to target advertising directly at me from local companies in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The “Categories” that Google has identified as my “key interests” are very insightful!  I think that they have created an accurate ‘picture’ of what I am most interested in, and what topics I am most likely to engage in online.  You can see that I like Movies, Online Video, K-12 Education, Technology, People and Society, and Libraries!  If you knew me in person, you would most definitely agree with this online google “profile”.

What is helpful to note, is that by accessing your own Google Profile, you can “Remove or Edit” any of these categories or demographics at anytime, if you knew about it!  So, please, get informed about your online Google Profile!  If you want to learn more about maintaining your online privacy, there are many other tools and strategies that you can employ to keep yourself from being “targeted” through strategies like google page.    Please see this page to learn how to “Opt out of Everything Online” to remove any profiles or targeted advertising!

Stay informed, and stay in control of your online identity!


How to Search Google More Effectively!

Hello Cyber Visitors!

Sometimes its important to get back to basics and to revisit how we find information among this vast sea of info we call “the internet”.  Today I wanted to share with a FANTASTIC infographic that visually illustrates how you can search google faster, more efficiently and with greater success.  If you are the type of google searcher who types in a couple of keywords and clicks on the first couple of results, then this is DEFINITELY for you!

This infographic, masterly done by http://mashable.com ( A great source of tons of guides, info and helpful advice) is specifically focused on helping students do better research online.  It guides you through the many different ‘types’ of resources you might be looking for and how to narrow your search to find only the most valuable stuff!  It also has a lot of great keyboard shortcuts, as well as sound advice on how to properly reference what you’ve found and decided to use.  So, to see the infographic and start becoming a better GOOGLE searcher, just click on the logo below!

Google Searching

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