Jonah’s Video-‘What’s Goin On’- The Raw Response and Reaction to Bullying in Schools

The title of this YouTube video definitely does not mirror the intensity of the emotion and honesty that Jonah Mowry, a young boy who has suffered from bullying, describes in his four minute video, which every student, parent, educator, and administrator should watch. This video starts with Jonah holding up a card and asking the viewer, “ I look happy, right?” and you can tell by Jonah’s facial expression that something is deeply wrong. He then goes on to discuss his emotional and psychological battle with bullying in school in which he shows viewers his scars of cutting himself and honestly admits to trying to take his life, which all began in Grade 1! Jonah openly cries and you can see that he is scared of what is to come in Grade 8 and you cannot help but want to reach through the computer screen and tell this child that everything will be ok. But will it really?

There are thousands of students in the Lower Mainland and around the world who suffer from bullying on a daily basis. Many, much like Jonah, put on a mask that everything is ok, but underneath are dying inside. It is the constant battle of peer acceptance and rejection that has caused students to feel this way. As a society, what can we do to help these children and students who feel this way? There has to be a greater plan or means of intervention for these children who feel that everyone hates them and they have nowhere to turn.

Fortunately, in this video, Jonah writes that he has decided to live his life as it is worth living, but there are many students who just “cannot do this anymore” and cannot live with the pain and torment of bullying and decide to take their own lives. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres have discussed at length the brutality of bullying in schools and Lady Gaga even went as far in an article on November 25th, 2011 on CBC to state that she wanted to work “as hard as I can to make bullying a hate crime”. But when will the school culture change to be the warm, welcoming and accepting place that it should be for all children? When will a child actually feel safe to be at school without being harassed or bullied? There really is not one solution to this massive issue in schools but hopefully, with time, students like Jonah will come to see that no matter what others say, they are special and deserve to be unique and accepted at school and in the world that we all live in.  See our section on Cyber-Bullying if you want to learn more about this important issue, or need to seek help!

Karla Castro December 2011

What’s Going on


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  1. Jonah is such a brave kid. It takes guts to do what he has done. Just posting this video may prevent many who r contemplating suicide, to rethink and realize their life is worth living! Thank you Jonah for your brave and courageous words. You have touched my heart as well as many others. Thank you for being the voice for those that are weaker. As a mother of two, thank you!

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