How to Search Google More Effectively!

Hello Cyber Visitors!

Sometimes its important to get back to basics and to revisit how we find information among this vast sea of info we call “the internet”.  Today I wanted to share with a FANTASTIC infographic that visually illustrates how you can search google faster, more efficiently and with greater success.  If you are the type of google searcher who types in a couple of keywords and clicks on the first couple of results, then this is DEFINITELY for you!

This infographic, masterly done by ( A great source of tons of guides, info and helpful advice) is specifically focused on helping students do better research online.  It guides you through the many different ‘types’ of resources you might be looking for and how to narrow your search to find only the most valuable stuff!  It also has a lot of great keyboard shortcuts, as well as sound advice on how to properly reference what you’ve found and decided to use.  So, to see the infographic and start becoming a better GOOGLE searcher, just click on the logo below!

Google Searching


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