Social Media can help end Cyber-Bullying!

Last week, Rick Mercer, the host of the Rick Mercer Report, a satirical news show here in Canada posted one of his ‘rants’ about bullying against homosexual youth. What sparked this ‘rant’ was that just last month, Jamie Hubley, a 15-year-old Ottawa boy committed suicide because of the incessant bullying that he experienced at his high school. Jamie was the latest example of how devestating and hurtful bullying can lead to absolutely tragic results. Here is a picture of Jamie:

Rick’s rant tells us that every year in Canada 300 kids commit suicide, and they do so because of tragic situations and in the case of Jamie, commit suicide due to bullying based on their sexual orientation or beliefs.  Rick’s call to all of us is to lead the way with serious expectations that bullying MUST stop and that there MUST be consequences for people that bully others.  Rick also calls upon all of us to be not just accepting of others and their differences, but to share our own differences and struggles so that young people can look around and see role-models, supports, and examples that this world can get better for everyone, no matter what their differences, sexual orientation, or challenges might be and that suicide should never be an option.  You can watch Rick’s rant below, but please, share this with others.  Talk about it with your friends, family and colleagues.  Share your own struggles, stick up for those that are struggling and be open, respectful and focused on eradicating all bullies!


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