An introduction to Google Plus!

Have you heard about Google Plus?

Google Plus is a new Social Networking tool that the engineers at Google have put together!  It was designed from the ground up to be more secure, private, and easy to use and share your stuff through!  While it has been in “Invite-Only” mode for the last 2 months, they just opened it up for anyone and everyone to sign up. ( to sign up)

Why should you check out a new social network?  Whats wrong with the ones you use now? (Facebook / Twitter) Well, Google Plus (or G+) is meant to keep your private info, well, private!  You have to actively choose to share your information or posts.  You can connect with lots and lots of people *(like on twitter), but they don’t automatically get access to your private posts or photos that you share only with friends and family.  It is also easily intergrated into other google services, like Gmail, or Gdocs, or Gcalendar.  So, if you are already a Google user, than Google Plus will fit right in.  If you are interested, I highly recommend you check out this short video introduction I made to see how it basically works and how you can start building your circles!


2 Responses

  1. I was just {looking for|searching for|seeking} this {info|information} {for a while|for some time}. After {6|six} hours of continuous Googleing, {at last|finally} I got it in your {site|web site|website}. I wonder {what is|what’s} the lack of Google strategy that {do not|don’t} rank this {type of|kind of} informative {sites|websites|web sites} in top of the list. {Generally|Usually|Normally} the top {sites|websites|web sites} are full of garbage.

    • Thanks for these kind words about my resource/website! I am hoping that Google will rank this site/page higher, but as I only published it last week, it might take a little while to get Google to index this properly! Feel free to subscribe for new updates, or bookmark for future visits!

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