Social Media: A Presentation for Educators

Tomorrow, Friday, Feb 18th is a District Professional Development Day here in Vancouver, BC.  The District team has put together a great day titled “Supporting Learning Through Technology“.  There are workshops on all kinds of interesting tools, strategies, support groups and ways to innovate and utilize technology in your classroom.

I will be giving a workshop tomorrow afternoon titled: “Social Media: How to get Started” and will be in the ‘Barn’ @ John Oliver Secondary, Room 209 from 12pm to 1.15pm.  In this workshop, I hope to really show why using Social Media as a part of your classroom and learning environment can be a simple and easy way to extend your classroom, while teaching and demonstrating appropriate usage of Social Media tools.

The presentation I will be using is available here:

This presentation will cover the basics of Why use Social Media?  Why Now?  How can I safely use these tools with my students?  I will also be covering best practices when using tools like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.  I hope that this presentation will also be ‘hands-on’ and will allow educators to try some of these tools out where they can ask questions, explore without fear, and share possible ideas about how to implement.


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